Lincos Tech is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of cable for microwave coax, micro coax, high data rate, optical and composite constructions. We provide these standard and custom products to global customers who demand high performance in applications such as: automated test systems, radar systems, medical imaging, aviation systems and custom high speed data transmission.

Our experienced technology team has over 30 years of experience in high performance cable fabrication. We have a deep understanding of the material and process requirements to meet your needs of signal integrity, phase stability, impedance control and transmission performance. We know that your needs are typically low to medium volume and our business is structured around this requirement.

In addition to electrical characteristics, we delivery products where you require wide operating temperatures, high density packaging, light weight, mechanical flex life and long distance performance. We utilize state of the art ePTFE tape wrapping and FEP extrusion processes that ensure compliance with your technical requirements for every application.

Our ISO9001 certified facility includes extensive test and verification capability that provides data for: eye patters, phase change with thermal and mechanical stress, insertion and return loss, VSWR, and all other signal characteristics.

Our experience has shown us that all business starts with a customer need. The relationships with our customers that we have worked to establish and grow are what set us apart from others. We welcome the opportunity to meet your challenging needs.
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