Testing Service and Support

Accuracy & authenticity is core beliefs of LINCOS® test team. We Continuous development our test technology and skill to provide better service to our user.

we have the following capabilities to help us to design the test solutions according to different cable requirement.
> We have the industry's top test instruments
> Professional Signal Integrity knowledge
> We can design test fixture for different cable products
> The understanding ability to differentstandards
> Software development

Precision Instrument

Frequency domain
Frequency domain: Keisight N5244A PNA-X
> 4PORT, Frequency 10MHz~43.5GHz,
> With ECAL
> PLTS Option
> Measure insertion loss, VSWR, phase, crosstalk

Time domain
Time domain: TektronixDSA8300
> Four channel TDR module 80E04
> Bandwidth 20GHz, rise time 17ps
> Measure impedance, delay, skew
> Eye function

Raw cable test fixture
Raw Cable test fixture
> Bandwidth 25GHz
> Support time domain test
> Support Frequency domain test

Cable Assembly test fixture
> Bandwidth 20GHz
> Connect cable assembly easily

Switch test system
Switch test system
> Bandwidth 26.5GHz
> Extend 32 Port
> Auto switch the ports, improve test efficiency
We support standard or custom cable testing:
> Microwave coax cable
> 1394b cable
> LVDS cable
> USB 3.0/3.1 cable
> CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable
> Etc…
If you’re solving a specific test problem, and you need help, please contact us.
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