Precision Coax Cable

  • Precision Coax Cable


    LINCOS Tech design & manufacture precision coaxial cable for digital system to accomplish most challenging packaging and electrical requirements.
    Precision coax impedance control ±1 minimizes reflections at terminations to ensure signal fidelity.
    The cable dielectric is wrapped expanded PTFE with low dielectric constant.

    Electrical Performance

    Impedance control improves signal fidelity
    Proper impedance matching minimizes reflections at terminations, enhances signal fidelity, and is critical for precise performance in finished cable assemblies.

    Low loss preserves fidelity
    Precision coaxial is low signal-loss characteristics , allow longer signal lengths, and handle weaker signals without distortion or degradation. In LSI applications, low-loss cable can eliminate the need for amplifying line drivers.

    Lower signal delay
    LINCOS precision coaxial exhibit minimal signal delay, approximately 1.2 ns/ft. Low signal delay significantly increases rep rates, optimizes interconnect performance, and reduces wait states in such critical timing applications as clock lines in computer peripherals and synchronized switching systems.

    Precision Coax Cable V.S Standard RG Cable
    LINCOS offers a variety of standard precision Coaxial cables. Custom configurations are available upon your request. Same conductor, the cable is lighter; on other side, same outer diameter you can get lower attenuation performance cable.

    Cable TypeStand. RG17816307 -178Stand. RG31616307 -316Stand. RG5916307 -059Stand. RG18016307 -180
    Conductor (AWG)30(7/38)30(7/38)26(7/34)26(7/34)23(1)23(1)30(7/38)30(7/38)
    Outer Diameter(in)
    Operation Temp. (ºC)-55~200-55~200-55~200-55~200-44~200-55~200-55~200-55~200
    Impedance (Ohms)5050505075759595
    Attenuation@400MHz (dB/100ft)292916.42010.59.11714
    Capacitance (Pf/ft)3030292521161513
    Velocity of propagation(%)6985698566856985
    Benefits Summary• 29% smaller
    • 40% weight save
    • Higher Vp
    • 24% smaller
    • 50% weight save
    • Higher Vp
    • 46% smaller
    • 50% weight save
    • Higher Vp
    • 32% smaller
    • 65% weight save
    • 18% Lower Atten.
    • Higher Vp
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