16501290 Assembly

  • 16501290 Assembly


    16501290 Cable Assembly

    The cable assembly is up to 18 GHz and low loss

    Product description

    16501290 is used in applications up to 18GHz where special consideration must be given to low attenuation or high power handling capacity .

    Product features

    >Impedance 50 Ω

    >Applicable up to 18 GHz

    >High stability and low loss

    >High phase stability versus temperature

    >Excellent voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)

    Assembly properties
    Center ConductorSPC Solid
    Max. operating frequency                (GHz)18
    DielectricLow density PTFE tape
    Outer conductorWrapped flat SPC tape
    Velocity of propagation85%Nom.
    Mechanical shieldSPC braid
    Weight                                              (g/m)131.7
    JacketFEP ,gray ,O.D. Φ7.40mm
    Min. bending radius static                (mm)30

    Min. bending radius repeated          (mm)60

    Temperature range                              (℃)-55~125

    Crush resistance                             (kN/m)6

    Tensile load                                          (N)175 N

    Screening effectiveness

    (up to 18 GHz)                                    (dB)


    Phase stability vs. flexure

    (360°,diameter 80 mm)               (°el/GHz)


    Phase stability vs. temperature

    (-55~85℃)                                       (ppm)


    Assembly phase matching

    tolerances                                   (°el/GHz)

    Cable attenuation at 25℃              (dB/m)see graph
    Cable attenuation at 18 GHz          (dB/m)0.67
    Insertion loss stability vs. bending     (dB)±0.2

    Insertion loss stability vs.

    temperature                                    (%/℃)

    Insertion loss stability vs. shaking      (dB)±0.1

    Power handing                                    (W)see graph

    16501290_attenuation&power handing.png

    Order information 16501290-(Con.code)-(Con.code)-(cable L)



    means 1meter length assembly of 16501290 with two end connector of SMA-J.

    SMA-J (Code 05)

    Max Operating Freq: 18 GHz

    SMA-K (Code 06)

    Max Operating Freq: 18 GHz

    N-J (Code 07)

    Max Operating Freq: 18 GHz


    N-K (Code 08)

    Max Operating Freq: 18 GHz

    TNC-J (Code 13)

    Max Operating Freq: 12.4 GHz

    TNC-K (Code 14)

    Max Operating Freq: 12.4 GHz


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