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  • Shielded Twist Pair Cables


    LINCOS design and manufacture various standard and custom impedance controlled shield twisted pair.This type of cable dielectric uses low-density PTFE and the signal transmission rate is up to 82%,which improves the overall performance of the clock control signal system significantly.The low dielectric constant insulation ensures in the same conductor size ,compared with solid fluorine plastic extruded insulated cable, the diameter of the product is small about 21% and the weight is light about 32%.The low dielectric constant insulation ensures the same conductor size, compared with solid fluorine plastic extruded insulated cable, the diameter of the product is about 21% and the weight is light about 32%.

    LINCOS twist pair impedance can be accurate to 5% deviation, reduce reflection.We offer custom cables with higher impedance matching, with a minimum deviation of ±2 Ω. Twisted pair delay differential on the integrity of the signal has a profound impact, our excellent process capability allows us to provide users with product delay less than 2 ps/m.Precise features impedance matching with minimal delay difference ensures high frequency signal integrity.

    Product Characteristics and Advantages

    > Low delay and low intra-pair skew
    >Small bending radius and flexibility, easy wiring, saving space
    >Light weight of the product
    >All raw materials are resistant to extreme high temperature
    >All raw materials have non flammable characteristics

    Signal Integrity

    50 ft cable length at 500 Mbps under static and bend eye pattern test, flexural transmission rate Test Conditions: Mandrel diameter 12.7 mm, repeat 20 turns

    jing tai input.pngbend input.png

    Product Implementing Standards

    ANSI/NEMA WC 27500 P Performance requirements: environmental testing, coating and printing

    FAR Part 25, Appendix F, Part I and MIL-W-22759:flame resistance

    AR Part 25, Appendix F, Part V:Smoke density

    Cable StructureSilver plated conductor or alloy, insulated ePTFE tape, silver plated copper braid, FEP outer jacket
    Temperature Range-55 °C  to  200 °C
    Insulation MediumMicro-porous PTFE sintered PTFE composite media
    Core IdentificationInsulation core white and blue, black sheath
    Rated Voltage500V
    Characteristic ImpedanceStandard product features impedance 100 Ω and 120 Ω. Other impedance values can be customized.

    Different conductor size attenuation


    Impedance control shielded twisted pair selection

    Part Number



    Conductor Diameter


    (kg/1000 m)

    1721002020 (19/32)0.040"34.7100 Ω ± 10
    1721002222 (19/34)0.032"26.3100 Ω ± 10
    1721002424 (7/32)0.024"16.4100 Ω ± 10
    1721002626 (19/38)0.020"13.4100 Ω ± 10
    1721002828 (7/36)0.015"9.5100 Ω ± 10
    1721003030 (7/38)0.012"7.3100 Ω ± 10
    1721202020 (19/32)0.040"44.3120 Ω ± 10
    1721202222 (19/34)0.032"32.1120 Ω ± 10
    1721202424 (7/32)0.024"19.7120 Ω ± 10
    1721202626 (19/38)0.020"16.4120 Ω ± 10
    1721202828 (7/36)0.015"12.6120 Ω ± 10
    1721203030 (7/38)0.012"7.9120 Ω ± 10
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